Famous Atheists

Many people think there are very few atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, or otherwise non-religious people. You probably know many more of them than you think. They may even be your friends and neighbors. Here are just a few of the more famous ones:

Dave Mathews, musician; Stephen Hawking, cosmologist; Jack London, author; Andy Rooney, commentator; Edgar Allan Poe, writer; Bill Maher, comedian & author; Virginia Woolf, writer; Alan Alda, actor; Thomas Paine, American patriot; W.C. Fields, comedian; Sinclair Lewis, novelist; Eddie Izzard, comedian; Thomas Edison, inventor; Leslie Nielsen, actor; Alan Hale, astronomer; Penn Jillette, magician; Albert Einstein, scientist; Patrick Duffy, actor; Bruce Willis, actor; Carl Reiner, writer, director, producer, actor; Elton John, musician; Gloria Steinem, feminist journalist; Abraham H. Maslow, psychologist; Roger Ebert, film critic; Paul Krassner, comedian & editor; Rod Steiger, actor; Charlie Chaplin, actor & director; Cloris Leachman, actor; Steven Weinberg, Nobel physicist; Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize winning author; John Stuart Mill, author; Ron Reagan, dancer & journalist; George Clooney, actor; Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst; Lawrence Krauss, physicist; Adam Corolla, comedian; Frank Lloyd Wright, architect; Mark Twain, author; Meryl Streep, actor; Pearl Buck, author; Kevin Bacon, actor; Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor; Phyllis Diller, comedian; Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragist; Stanley Kubrick, movie director; Aldous Huxley, author; Mick Jagger, musician; Helen Thomas, White House Correspondent; Steve Wozniak, computer scientist; James Cameron, film maker; Barry Goldwater, former Republican Senator from Arizona; Stephen J. Gould, paleontologist; Upton Sinclair, author; Albert Ellis, psychologist; Janeane Garofalo, actor & comedian; Joaquin Phoenix, actor; Gore Vidal, author; Joy Behar, television host, comedian, actor, & author; Oscar Wilde, writer; Carl Sagan, scientist; Andrew Carnegie, tycoon & philanthropist; Woody Allen, actor & director; Jodie Foster, actor; Richard Leakey, paleoanthropologist; Paula Poundstone, comedian; Henri Matisse, artist; Marlon Brando, actor; Steve Allen, entertainer, author, musician; James Michener, author; George Will, columnist, journalist & author; Henry Fonda, actor; George Orwell, author: Harrison Ford, actor; Ernie Chambers, Nebraska legislator; Carl Rogers, psychologist; Carl Sandburg, poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer; Virginia Woolf, novelist and essayist; Adam Savage, “Mythbusters” co-host; Linda Ronstadt, singer.

Join the 16+ percent of Americans who are secular.  It’s our most rapidly growing epistemological club.

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