The Make-Believe War on Christmas: A Holiday Tradition

Every year about this time some Christians make much ado about a fabricated controversy. Is there a “war on Christmas”? No people I know are so offended by hearing “Merry Christmas” that they scheme to replace it with “Happy Holidays.” The holiday season incorporates Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and the winter solstice for those who prefer the oldest spiritual tradition. Some corporations may be a little too zealous in restricting their employees’ greetings, but I would guess the intent is to be more inclusive.

When Christians want to “test” business employees to see if their holiday greetings are religious enough and then refuse to patronize any place that doesn’t pass their “Merry Christmas” test, that seems overly sensitive and contentious to me. What happened to the “happiness, joy and peace on earth” they claim the season is about?

Why is a government display that is neutral or inclusive of many traditions considered offensive by Christians? There are no restrictions on any private displays, church displays or non-governmental expressions. Isn’t it a “tyranny of the majority” to demand that government-sponsored displays must represent the majority faith?

Jesus was almost certainly not born in December and, therefore, is NOT “the reason for the season.” The winter solstice is. The Catholic Church appropriated December 25 during the fourth century to subjugate long-established spiritual traditions. If some Christians can’t share the season, perhaps they should give up all non-Christian traditions — evergreen trees, Christmas lights, holly, mistletoe, Santa Clause, Christmas stockings, gift giving, Christmas cards, Yule logs, caroling, and celebrating Christmas in December. Or they could just share joyfully. Happy Holidays.

2 thoughts on “The Make-Believe War on Christmas: A Holiday Tradition

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