The Mental Illness of Donald Trump

As a psychologist, I have been particularly interested in and terrified by Donald Trump’s character and personality disorder.  I have written in other posts that Trump is narcissistic, morally immature, and an inveterate liar.  The core of his dangerously pathological personality is narcissism.

This article by Karen Wehrstein describes narcissism very thoroughly.  All American citizens must be well informed and actively engaged in protecting ourselves and our nation from the chaos and devastation of Trump’s narcissism now that it’s combined with appalling power.  Reading Wehrstein’s article is a good start.

There is a very high risk of Trump’s impetuous, uninformed actions blundering America into war, destroying our environment, ruining affordable health care, eviscerating important gains in civil rights, and distorting the Supreme Court for decades.  The long-range consequences are horrifying, and some could be irreversible.  Be active in whatever way you can.


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